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Title:  Dinosaur Trading Cards

Developed by
Cindy Sullivan and Janice Johnson

Content Area: Science

Grade Level: Second

Materials/Resources (Including Software): Microsoft Word, Internet Access

Technology Focus:


Word Processing






Web Page


Multimedia Presentation


Graphical Organizers





Skills Included in Lesson

Timeline: Two forty-five minute sessions

Subject Area: § (A)
Technology Applications:§ (B)

Objective:  Students will do research on a dinosaur and create trading cards complete with photo, and important information.

Go to the Internet and do research on a dinosaur in the Dinopictures.
                    Write down information collected about the height, length, weight, food,
                     and location.

1.Click on Dinosaur Trading Cards to open the Word template.
2.Choose Save
3.Save in:  The student's work folder
4.Type File name: Dinocard
5.Click Save
6.Click the back button to go back to the lesson if it does not appear
7.Click on: Dinopictures
8. Go to File >Save as
9. Save in: The students Work folder
10.Close the Windows and go back to desktop
11.Go to the students folder
12.Double click on Dinocard
13.Minimize the window.
14.Double click on Dinopictures icon in the student folder
15.Click on the dinosaur picture needed for the card
16. Go to Edit >Copy
17. Go to Window in the Menu Bar and click on Dinocard
18.Click just outside of the box on the trading card labeled: Copy dinosaur picture here
19.Go to Edit> Paste
20.Drag your photo to fit in the card.
21.Click to the right of Height and type the height
22.Click to the right of Length and type the length
23.Click to the right of Weight and type the weight
24.Click to the right of Food and type what kind of eater they were
25.Click to the right of Location and type where they lived
26.Click on and highlight Collector’s Name 
27.Type your name
28.Go to File and Save
29.Click on the picture of your dinosaur
30.Go to Edit>
31.Click in the new card
32.Go to Edit>
33.Drag your photo to fit in the card
34.Repeat steps 31-33 to put the photo in the last two cards
35.In the first card, click on Height and drag through the data for Location. All the data should be highlighted.
36.Go to Edit>
37.Click in the new card
38.Go to Edit>
39.Drag your data to fit in the card
40.Repeat steps37-39 to put the data in the last two cards
41.In the first card, click on your name and highlight.
42.Go to Edit>
43.Click in the new card
44.Go to Edit>
45.Drag your name to fit in the card
46.Repeat steps 41-43 to put your name in the last two cards
47.Check over the four cards and adjust information where needed
48.Go to File>
49.Go to File and Print.  Wait for teacher instructions


Skill Possible Points Score
Accuracy of Information 50 points  
Correct Dinosaur Photo 20 points  
Correct Spelling 20 points  
Complete Cards 10 points  

Teacher will create a template with the dinosaur for the student to use and information available for typing.

Have the student type a descriptive paragraph about the dinosaur including more information collected from the internet.

Additional Resources/Websites:
Dinosaur Hotlist of Websites


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