Technology in Action

Integrating Technology


Title: American Music Web Quest

Developed by Marti Koch and Jenny Dixon



Content Area: Music


Grade Level:  5th


Materials/Resources (Including Software): Internet access, American Music Research Guide, Music Research List, Microsoft Word


Technology Focus:    



Word Processing






Web Page


Multimedia Presentation


Graphical Organizer






Skills Included in Lesson


Timeline:  5- 30 minutes class periods         



Subject Area - § 117.18 (a.2), (b.5.A)

Technology Applications - §126.3



  1. Students will research information about American songs from different genres and styles listed on the Music Research List.

  2. Students will copy text and graphics for American songs from the internet and paste in a Microsoft Word Document.


  1. Click on Microsoft Internet Explorer icon on the desktop to open Midway’s Homepage.
  2. Click in the address bar and type:
  3. Click Go.
  4. In the Google Search bar type the name of a song from the Music Research List.
  5. Click Google Search.
  6. Click on choices that will give the information required on the American Music Research Guide.
  7. Fill in the American Music Research Guide sheet.
  8. Click Start>Programs>Microsoft Word.   
  9.  Close Task Pane on the right

  10. Type Student’s name

  11. Enter

  12. Type Homeroom teacher’s name

  13. Enter 2 time

  14. Click File>Save as

  15. Navigate to Student folder and double click your folder  (Click down arrow in Save in bar)

  16. Name the file: American Music Research  (bottom bar of Save as screen)

  17. Click Save

  18. Click Table in the top menu bar

  19. Select Insert>Table

  20. Number of columns needs to be changed to 2 using the down arrow

  21. Number of rows needs to be changed to 4 using the up arrow

  22. Click OK

  23. In first cell of the left column, type:  Name of Song

  24. Tab

  25. Type: Graphic Symbol

  26. Tab

  27. Minimize screen

  28. Open Internet Explorer

  29. Type in the address bar

  30. Click Go

  31. Type Name of song in the Search Bar and Click Google Search

  32. Highlight the name of the song  (left click and drag)

  33. Right click in the middle of the highlighted song name

  34. Select Copy from the menu

  35. Click American Music Research button on the bottom of the screen

  36. Be sure the cursor is shown right below Name of Song

  37. Right click and select Paste

  38. Tab

  39. Click Google Search at the bottom of the screen

  40. Click the Images tab

  41. Right click on the picture and select Copy

  42. Click the American music button at the bottom of the screen

  43. Be sure cursor is right below Graphic Symbol

  44. Right click under Graphic Symbol and select Paste

  45. SAVE (use the floppy disk button on the toolbar as a shortcut)

  46. Continue to repeat these steps for each song

  47. Click File>Save.
  48. On Day 2 – 5, to open American Music Research document, double-click My Computer on the desktop.
  49. Double-click Students on Misd-is icon.
  50. Find your folder and double-click on it.
  51. Double-click American Music Research document.
  52. When research is complete on all 10 songs, click File>Print.
  53. Give the printed copy to your teacher.



Teacher observation and completion of American Music Research Guide and American Music Research Word Document.


Allow students to help each other.



Continue research to include more than 10 American songs as Bonus opportunity.



Additional Resources/Websites:


Midway Instructional Technology Specialists