The Branches of Government

1. The three branches of government are the___________________,
the____________________, and the______________________.

2. The three qualifications to run for president are you must be _____ years old,________________and____________________________.

3. There are _______ judges of the Supreme Court.

4. A Supreme Court judge serves for ________________years.

5. A Supreme Court judge is appointed by ______________and approved by ______________________.

6. The two parts of the Legislative Branch are ___________________
and ______________________________.

7. Three qualifications for being a senator are __________________, _______________ and___________________________.

8. Laws are made by the ____________________ branch.

9. The president of the United States has the power to _______ any law.

10. The United States system of government is set up to have _________
and _______________ to keep one branch from having too much power.

11. Each state has _______senators in the Senate.

12. The number of representatives a state has depends on the ________
__________ in the state.

13. The person who takes over as president if the president is unable to hold office is the _________________________.

14. In the order of succession, the third person in line for taking over the office of president is the _____________________________.

15. Meaning of the laws, how they are applied and if they have been broken, are interpreted by the __________________ branch.

16. The president is chosen by having the most ___________votes.

17. The Senate and the House of Representatives hold sessions in ________________________(building).

18. The nation’s capital is __________________________(city).

19. The president lives in the ___________________________.

20. The president serves for ________ years.

21. The U.S. Congress is made up of __________________ and _______________________________.

22. The framers wrote the Constitution to provide for a ______________
of powers.

23. The Founding Fathers were the framers of the _________________.

24. A president can serve for only _______ years or ____ terms of office.

25. A senator’s term lasts for ____ years.

26. A representative’s term lasts for ____ years.

27. The Legislative Branch is made up of senators and representatives, and this is called the _____________.