Technology in Action
Integrating Technology

Title: Rocket Lab (Data Table and Graph)

Developed by Melissa Rhoden

Content Area: Science

Grade Level: 7

Materials/Resources (Including Software): Microsoft Excel, Internet

Technology Focus:


Word Processing






Web Page


Multimedia Presentation


Graphical Organizer





Skills Included in Lesson

Timeline: 1 day

Subject Area -,, B)
Technology Applications -

The student will be able to create a spreadsheet and chart to represent the data collected in a lab. 


  1. Prior to coming to the lab, students will learn the scientific method and conduct the rocket lab altering various features of the rocket and seeing its effect on the speed of the rocket.  The students are in groups of 4 with 2 students testing one feature variation and the other 2 testing the other variation.
  2. Data will be recorded in a hand-drawn data table.
  3. The students will then proceed to the computer lab to transfer their data to a spreadsheet and make a graph using the instructions provided.

Assessment: Chart reflects accurate data

Modifications: Provide data to students


Midway Instructional Technology Specialists