Technology in Action
Integrating Technology

Title: Empresarios of Texas
Developed by: Jimmy Hughes

Content Area: Texas History

Grade Level: 7th

Materials/Resources (Including Software):  PowerPoint, Internet

Technology Focus:


Word Processing






Web Page


Multimedia Presentation


Graphical Organizers





Skills Included in Lesson

Timeline:  2 days

Subject Area - 113.23.2(B,C,D,F), 113.23.22(A,B,C,D)
Technology Applications - 126.12.2A-C, 126.12.3A-B, 126.12.7D, 126.12.10A, 126.12.11B

Objective: The students will create a Power Point presentation over a Texas empresario using information found on the internet.


  1. Follow the requirements for the Empresarios of Texas PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Students will research their topics and complete the information sheet provided.
  3. Create a PowerPoint presentation using the following instructions:
    PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Follow the instructions to add custom animation to the PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Use additional instructions to manipulate pictures and add movies.

Assessment: Rubric

Modifications: Require fewer slides and less information on each slide.

Extensions: Students will give an oral presentation of their slide show.

Additional Resources/Websites: Textbook, Texas Almanac, Google, Yahoo