Technology in Action
Integrating Technology

  Los Números
Developed by Marie Croft

Content Area: Pre AP Spanish III

Grade Level:  10-12

Materials/Resources (Including Software): Inspiration software program, lab/presentation equipment, Internet access, Inspiration files (
Fechas Importantes, La Ropa de la Primavera, Los Números y las Matematicas), Microsoft Word files (Los Números 0 - 2,000 Notes, Los Números Rubric )

Technology Focus:


Word Processing






Web Page


Multimedia Presentation


Graphic Organizer





Skills Included in the Lesson

Timeline: one 50 minute class period

Subject Area - §114.23.2(A, B)
Technology Applications - N/A

The students will use a graphic organizing program to correctly recognize, use and apply the numbers 1-2,000 in Spanish.

Before Class
1.  Download  the following files Inspiration files:
                Fechas Importantes
                La Ropa de la Primavera
                Los Números y las Matematicas
2.     Download the following Microsoft Word files and make copies as necessary:
                Los Números 0 - 2,000 Notes
                Los Números Rubric
In Class
1.     Provide each student with a copy of the Los Números 0 - 2,00 Notes and have them repeat numbers several times with teacher. (7 minutes)
Open the Internet and go to
        a.    Go to Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation.
        b.    Select Numbers.
        c.    Click and listen to each number. Repeat after the speaker. (5 minutes)
        d.    Close.
3.    In cooperative learning groups, have students work on  pronunciation of numbers with partners using teacher created number flashcards (10 minutes).
4.    On the Internet, go to
        a.    Click the Grammar link (left column).
        b.    Under the Unit 1 section, click Cardinal Numbers: 1-10.
        c.    Read the information and examples.
        d.    In the Free Activities - Available to Everyone section, choose and complete Quiz One.
        e.    Print the results. (5 minutes)
        f.    Close.
5.    Have students open the Los Números y las Matemáticas Inspiration file.
        a.    Complete the math problems on the map. (3 minutes)
        b.    Save the file to student folder and close.
6.     Have students open the Fechas Importantes Inspiration file.
        a.    Complete the dates on the map. (3 minutes).
        b.    Save the file to student folder and close.
7.     Have students open the La Ropa de la Primavera Inspiration file.
Complete the activity on the map. (7 minutes)
        b.    Save the file to student folder and close.

Números Rubric
Teacher observation

Limit the number of answers on the worksheet by 1/2
Provide copies of the Inspiration files with answers

Create a  more extensive wardrobe and develop a conversation between two friends

Additional Resources/Websites:

Midway Instructional Technology Specialists