Technology in Action
Integrating Technology

Title:  Reality Check

Developed by:  Gail Wood

Content Area: Career Connections

Grade Level: 9th

Materials/Resources (Including Software): Texas Cares –

Technology Focus: Internet


Word Processing






Web Page


Multimedia Presentation


Graphical Organizers





Skills Included in Lesson:

Timeline: 1 day (55 minute class)

Subject Area: Career Connections 5. A-C
Technology Applications: N/A

Objective:  The students will use the Internet site to create a futurist portfolio of what they would like to have when they become adults and what type of occupation they must pursue to acquire these goals.


1.      Go to Texas Cares on the Desktop in Computer Lab

2.      Click on World of Work

3.      Click on Occupational Info

4.      Choose Non Flash version

5.      Click on Get a Reality Check

6.      Choose a city

7.      Follow the program, which asks what type of housing, transportation etc. etc, the student is planning to achieve.  (When student places pointed on a selection, information about that selection appears allowing them to compare selections) As they make selections, an amount of money comes up for each item, while another box contains the running total of expenses.  They continue to click NEXT as they move from screen to screen.

8.      A final report will appear on their screen, which includes the record of all of their choices totaled monthly and then annually.  The program then adds 25% to that annual total to cover income taxes.

9.      The final total includes all those mentioned above.  Students Print this report.

10.  Click to NEXT which brings up Careers that Match screen

11.  Students select an educational level they plan to complete NEXT

12.  Occupational Categories appear, they select one.

13.  Results is the next screen.  These match their interest with their educational level and the amount of money they will need to make in the city they selected. Click.

14.  Reality Check – Career Profile appears which includes a full report of the career, training, work conditions  etc.

15.  Print Reality Check

 Assessment: Students will turn in their personal budget and a copy of the Career Profile.

Modifications:  Most students are able to complete this activity without modifications because it is “point and click”.  I read along with the screens and explain what the different levels are as they make selections.

Extensions: Students may complete another budget with more realistic selections and may view many careers based on the educational level they are willing to complete.

Additional Resources/Websites:                                         


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