Technology in Action
Integrating Technology

Title:  Movie Poster Madness

Developed by Tanya Lacy

Content Area: BCIS II

Grade Level:  11 - 12

Materials/Resources (Including Software): Adobe Photoshop, Internet access, Movie Poster Rubric

Technology Focus:


Word Processing






Web Page


Multimedia Presentation


Graphic Organizer




Other (PhotoShop)

Skills Included in the Lesson

Timeline: Four 50 minute class periods

Subject Area - §120.64.6(F), §120.64.11(A)
Technology Applications - N/A

1.  The students will demonstrate knowledge and appropriate use of hardware components and the Adobe Photoshop software program.
2.  The students will identify the technologies available for desktop publishing.
3.  The students will use imported text and graphics to create a self movie poster in Adobe Photoshop.

Students will search for and open a movie poster from the Internet.  They will take a picture of themselves in the same pose and open it in Photoshop.  They will recolor and shade themselves to match the colors of the poster.  They will cut their picture out and paste it into the poster to match. Last, students will change the name of the actor on the poster to their name, matching the font as closely as possible.

Day One:
1.  Have the students search the Internet for a movie poster they would like to be in.
2.  Save the picture to their student folder. 
3.  Have students use digital cameras to take pictures of each other in a pose similar to their poster.

Day Two:
1.  Have student open their movie poster picture in
2.  Using color settings, have students create similar colors and shadows on their face that match that of the poster.

Day Three:
1.  Open Adobe Photoshop and have the
students cut out their image using the magnetic lasso. 
2.  Paste the image into the poster, replacing the movie person’s face.
3.  Continue to blend and shade the cut-out until it matches and blends in.

Day Four:
1.  Open Adobe Photoshop and have students add their name to the poster by covering the current name with a colored box and adding their name in a text box with a similar font and color.
2.  Print the poster on a color printer and display in hallway.

Movie Poster Rubric

a Time
Peer Tutoring 

Have students create an old Western movie poster with crinkle edges and antique finish.  Add their face as one of the actors. Change the name on the poster as well.

Additional Resources/Websites:

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